House White   5 | 15

We rotate this spot to keep it fun

Pinot Grigio   6 | 18

We change the selection often to showcase this thirst quenching varietal

Bex Riesling, Mosel Saar Ruwer, Germany   6 | 18

We have sold this as our “go-to” riesling for more than four years now and have yet to find our better for the price

Geisen Riesling, New Zealand   7 | 21

Fruits aromas and really good richness on the palate with that slight dose of minerality that we love. A really great discovery.

Kings Ridge Riesling, Oregon   8 | 24

Oregon has always made great rieslings. This one is very well balanced. Totally “overdelivers”.

Clifford Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand   7 | 21

Crisp, fragrant nose of  a melange of citrus and soft spices that is beautifully integrated with grassy notes.

Matchbook Chardonnay, California   8 | 24

A beautiful marriage of oak and fruit is portrayed in this gold medal winning wine. Has fooled many “wine snobs.”

Votre Sante Chardonnay, California   9 | 27

From one of the most desired areas of sonoma county. Elegant and balanced, a very solid choice.

J Vineyards Chardonnay, Russian River, CA.   13 | 39

Honey toasted oak on the nose, tropical fruit palate dominated by pineapple. A rich finish that melts away.

Amalaya White Blend, Argentina   8 | 24

A fresh, crisp blend dominated by Torrontes with a splash of Riesling makes this fragrant white unique and very interesting.


House Red   5 | 15

We rotate this slot to keep it fun

Pino Noir, please ask your server 

We change this wine often to showcase the varietal.

Coppola Diamond Merlot, California   8 | 24

Shows intense deep dark fruit characteristics and has layers of flavor with a subtle chocolate finish.

Supertuscan Red Blend, Italy   7 | 21

A tuscan blend hat reminds you of being there again sangiovese blended with merlot has “warm” flavors.

Hess “Select” Cabernet Sauvignon   9 | 27

This mid-weighted beauty from california is textbook in it’s style and totally delivers for the money.

Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi   12 | 36

Second premium tier because this grape merits it. Juicy, rich flavors not normally found at this price.

Montes “Classic” Malbec, Argentina   7 | 21

The most exciting varietal right now. Loaded with deep berry-like texture and flavors. Take some home.

Norton “Reserve” Malbec,  Argentina   12 | 36

This winery led the way for the explosion of Malbec we have experienced. Doesn’t get much better!

Shortcake Zinfandel, Lodi   9 | 27

An american classic. Layers of wild berries intermingled with spices and those beautiful dusty textures.

Robert Hall Cotes De Roble, Paso Robles   10 | 30

The classic, unique blend. Has great layers of silky-ness.

Ranch Sisquoc Red River Blend, Santa Barbara, CA.   10 | 30

Yummy, yummy blend from the sunny shores of California. Try a glass and you will believe.




House of Chards     12

Matchbook | Votre Sante | J. Vineyards

Riesling Delight     11

Bex | Giesen |Kings Ridge

Carte Blanche     11

Clifford Bay | Curtis Pinot Grigio | Amalaya


Regal Reds     11

Feature Pinot Noir | Coppola Merlot | Hess Cabernet

Triple Crown     12

Shortcake Zinfandel | Freakshow | Norton Reserve Malbec

Mach Three     11

Montes Classic Malbec | Robert Hall Cotes de Roble | Rancho Sisquoc


Marco Negri Moscato D’Asti, Italy   9

Stella Rosa (Il Conte D’Alba), Italy Red   8

Taylor Fladgate L.B.V. Porto, Portugal   8

Fonseca 10 Year Old Tawny, Portugal   9